• Restored By Design
    is a green, artisan company dedicated to the creation of eco-conscious jewelry, clothing, accessories, home decor, and unique works of art. We are a design studio and boutique based in Rhode Island. We are passionate about a greener life that helps grow community with style!
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  • The Retail Studio
    is a dream come true! It is an inspiring work space combined with a retail gallery to showcase our work. This open studio concept is now open in the East Side of Providence in the heart of a thriving community. It is still distinctive—where fashion style is reclaimed and reinvented!
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  • My Philosophy
    My eco-consciousness guides my choices in raw materials and the manufacturing process. All my pieces are handmade in the USA. Fair trade and eco-friendliness take precedence in my business practices. Reducing waste and saving energy are constant words filling the studio.
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  • One-Of-A-Kind
    I carefully select each component from found bits and pieces, factory cast-offs, vintage fabrics, lace, charms, organic materials, natural stones, wood, and more non-traditional "green" materials. All pieces are unique and handmade by local artisans and designers, including myself.
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 At Restored By Design, we love the boho chic style, we create it, and invite you to create with us!  Restored by Design is a unique boutique and studio nurturing the creation of Eco fashion jewelry, clothing, and accessories. Responsible fashion, local made, handmade on site. It is where fashion style is reclaimed and reinvented!
We create FASHION STYLE BY RECLAIMING AND REINVENTING. We revive, refresh, and restyle by designing new pieces from previously loved materials, vintage fabrics, reclaimed objects, and industry excesses. Our eclectic mix of raw materials uses a fraction of energy resources to manufacture leaving a low carbon footprint.

The real investment is in the creative talents of all the artists, designers, and artisans who create these special one-of-a-kind pieces. All local, truly eco-aware, and all fashionably upstyled for sustainable treasures worthy of investment! They are new to you to love!

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January 11, 2015

BOHO CHIC.... A New Series

I love the Bohemian Chic style! It is really how I define my look. I'm also happy to say that it is back in fashion! What is it? I wanted to start defining this look by saying that it is about how YOU put the pieces together...MIXING color, prints and patterns, hints of different cultures - eg.a little Japanese floral print, with vintage American lace, a Victorian stripe... Bohemian means with a carefree more "wild spirit", adventurous and out of the box...bending those rules...definitely having an ARTISAN handmade flair. THE FINISHING DETAILS can style up the look - accessory choices...
My Artistic Beginnings