Finding the Heart of it All/The Greens of Spring

  • How to Accessorize

    Since an early age, I have always loved reading through fashion magazines. They are like windows to the world! Now there are many other arenas we can find to give us information on trends etc. I want to offer my readers the same in my blog, but written especially for those who want to share in my unique boho chic feminine style done in a sustainable way! May I present to you "How to Accessorize" - IT'S ALL IN THE DETAILS!

    It's about you see a graphic, slightly Art Deco floral print dress in a tapered shape layered with a knitted cloak-wrap, and finished with a scarf. All handmade by Restored by Design using previously loved materials - including a unique, one of a kind pin. Which earrings would you pick to complete your outfit?

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