Finding the Heart of it All/The Greens of Spring

  • Earth Day

    Earth Day marks a special date for Restored by Design. We were "put on the map" exactly one year ago with an article published in the style section of the Providence Journal. A huge thank you to Jenna for finding us!

    So I reflect on my journey over the past year, and look closely at my continuing dedication to preserving the beauty on this earth in my own little way. This is a rewarding way to create fashion style!

    Nature inspires me constantly, especially flowers in all their glory and shapes, forms, colors, and textures; whether translated into a piece of jewelry, as a beautiful print or pattern, or artfully displayed. I am dedicated to sharing that beauty! Cheryl Dias and I have together made some amazing pieces to share! I look forward to continuing this inspiring journey with you...thank you Earth!

    Did you kiss the earth today?


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