Finding the Heart of it All/The Greens of Spring

  • Discovery, Discovering

     As a business woman and boutique owner, I am often asked "how is it going?" (not to mention it is a question I ask other owners). My answer is ..." is a matter of being discovered and nurturing the discovery process! In this day, it is not just a matter of opening the door, putting a sign up, and business begins to flow! I wish it was that easy! You have to get the word out through all 'vehicles' of communication, and allow people to discover. Lots of patience , persistence, and belief that it will happen!" This is one of my favorite words BELIEVE. Believe in yourself and believe in others.

    About a year ago, I decided to open my studio into a retail space and become a "Retail Studio", a unique interactive boutique, "to show the world", believing that this would increase my discovery process...As a designer, it is a big step to "expose yourself, your work, your style". This is a dream come true, and I do BELIEVE people are DISCOVERING me. It is a challenge reaching my romantic boho chic audience who want to support me. If you have an opportunity to come in, please do, and set the discovery in motion....also find me on with some of my new pieces...

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