Finding the Heart of it All/The Greens of Spring

  • Finding Boho Chic Style

    I like to define my style as feminine, rustic, romantic, and modern - definitely boho-chic...

    Boho chic style is about mixing your way...flower prints, Lace, 'ethnic' patterns, and hints of vintage, but modern shapes, fabrics, and proportions to stay fashionable, in style. Wearing them, in your own unique way with the pieces you love! I think femininity is an important part of who we are, and a bit quirky too. Being creative and artistic about putting it all together is the fun of it all!

    Shopping for your special pieces is key. I usually start by "thrifting", then up styling, repurposing, reinventing with style! I call this Eco fashion! My shop brings it all together for you in a romantic, feminine, artistic way, fashion with a purpose! Boho chic- hand made, local made, custom made for you, giving you the choices you want when you shop!


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  • Alan Lafontaine June, 2014

    I first saw your designs at Fashion Week this past October and I just wanted to say how much I love what you do! Restoring, repurposing and redesigning the past to work in the present and into the future. I think it is just wonderful.

    Alan Lafontaine

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