Finding the Heart of it All/The Greens of Spring

  • Rewards of accomplishing a show

    The Spring /Summer 2015 Runway Presentation at StyleWeek Northeast Fashion Week was a phenomenal and rewarding experience. Hooray!
    A special thanks goes out to the very professional staff of StyleWeek for their help in making the show a success. To Jeremy Brown for the music, Holly Dalton and her staff for makeup, Lulu and Bethany Wood for hair, and the fantastic models from 'The Beauty Within' who made my fashion come alive and look more breathtaking than I imagined!
    Thank you!
    Thanks also to my sister Suzanne for her help hand sewing while we enjoyed a pristine lake view. And my intern Twakelee for making my vision a reality from my sketch to a finished piece.
    Many people ask me if it is a stressful experience, and I have to say no because it is so gratifying to see your months of hard work finally come together. The creative journey through the hours is all what I love...the decision making, working with all the different materials, the cutting, the sewing, the handwork, the fittings and the fiddling!
    Now on to the next season! Fall...

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