Finding the Heart of it All/The Greens of Spring

  • My New Fall Cranberry Collection

    As the season changes to Fall, I revel in the colors all around.This year I'm loving cranberry, wine, bronze, black, and gold (I'm saving olive, chartreuse, plum, and rust for more pieces to come). I look for fabrics and patterns in these color mixes. Vintage lace and botanicals continue to inspire me... How do I want to combine these, and translate them into my silhouettes? What fashionable pieces do I love, from let's say, a magazine, or in a movie or...then the magic starts to happen...the fun begins... It's all a building process, a visual delight, a journey of discovery that unfolds!

    I have been busy creating my new Fall collection, to showcase on the Runway on October 8, Provida Fashion Gala, Larz Auto Museum, as part of Boston Fashion Week. Excited? yes!

    Can't wait to show my new pieces! They come alive when they are on the runway (much better than a hanger)!!!!!


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