Finding the Heart of it All/The Greens of Spring

  • Creative Intensity

    by: Martha | in: inspiration, style choices

    When I work on a collection, my attention is very focussed on taking care of all the details to make the unique touches that I believe distinguish my style, or that capture what I want to say in a piece... I am constantly amazed what I can accomplish inside of this intensity! In this intensity, My creativity "hums", flowing with new ideas to challenge my choices. I think this is part of the creative journey! The challenge is to not get derailed but rather to incorporate these new ideas and create better and better pieces! Editing is as much a part of the creative process and often the most difficult. At times it can be overwhelming! It can confuse and scramble your thoughts! I think this is how I end up with twice as many pieces in my collection...and a backlog of things that I want to work on for my next collection...ready to go!





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