Finding the Heart of it All/The Greens of Spring

  • Fall Colors Abound

    This week has been full of color as I drive to work or take a walk. I have to admit, colors are a delight to my senses! When I'm gathering my elements for my collection, my eye is particularly tuned to certain colors, and then I start to see these colors everywhere - especially how they mix with other shades and the textures of the colors as they work together. This is always very inspiring! The fall brings the change of brilliant color in the leaves and oh my, it has been splendid this season! Russet, yellows, all shades of greens, chartreuse, bronze, red, cranberry, even some plum color in the hydrangeas and sumac best to capture all this but to find fabrics, beads, and more to work their magic. I guess I'm the director of this symphony as my pieces come together!



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