Finding the Heart of it All/The Greens of Spring

  • All the Details Come Together

    by: Martha | in: newcollection, runway, styleweek

    I'm in the final stages of finishing my Winter Land Collection! I have been getting ready for my big fashion show runway presentation on February 19th for Providence StyleWeek. This includes hand sewing, creating the last accessories, assembling the looks, and making sure it all works! I love how all the details come together! It is very exciting to see the pieces, in 3d, from my vision and inspirations to reality - all a rewarding process.

    For the designer (like myself), this is an essential process - to "show off" your masterpieces, walking down the runway, in the story that you envisioned for all to see. I look at it as part of my dream come true! Thank you to all who are making it possible.

    Now the new collection will be presented to the world, and this is the biggest challenge to master! So excited to have it publicized! Stay tuned for viewing my collection as it unfolds on the runway this week! New pieces for a new season!


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  • deborah magiera February, 2015

    So excited for you, Martha!! You motivate me! Congrats! Debbie

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