Finding the Heart of it All/The Greens of Spring

  • Trends / style vs. responsible fashion

    by: Martha

    I love fashion, I'm inspired by the colors and fabrics, constantly watching the trends and carefully positioning my collections in the midst of it all. I have also made a deep commitment to being ethical, responsible with my design and creative process. These days, I'm seeing the reference to "Slow Fashion", being the Eco conscious choice. I like the term "Eco Fashion" much more. Still on trend but made right, handmade, using up from the vast fashion waste, reducing landfill, employing local crafts women.

    I shudder at what the Fast Fashion, throwaway mind set is doing to our planet. Have you noticed the quality of materials used in the Fast Fashion world? Compare this to the authentic materials, organic fabrics, vintage pieces, genuine quality used in my collections (also other Eco fashion designers). I believe it is possible to create beautifully stylish, wearable, comfortable, quality pieces that you love to wear! Still very chic and fashionable without destroying our environment.
    Remember to shop responsibly this holiday season!

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