Finding the Heart of it All/The Greens of Spring

  • Changes at Restored by Design and new for Spring

    What is changing is the exciting addition of the Restored by Design Foundation. My new non profit organization where we can give back, educate, inspire and help disadvantaged women discover their inner creativity and bring it to life, re-energizing and genuinely healing. I believe creativity is a powerful, rewarding journey to empowerment! My ultimate goal is to create jobs, supporting local, sustainable community growth. Plans are already in motion for classes to teach sewing and upcycling sensibilities.

    Currently we are in the fundraising phase, so I'm counting on the donations from the generosity of all who understand the benefit of scholarships, education, jobs, and creative sharing. This is your chance to help this business grow! Please note the link to . For suggestions and other support, please email

    Keeping up with my new ideas is always my challenge! I continuously say, I wish I could create as fast as my ideas flash their inspirational pictures in my mind!

    The freshness of Spring (coming a little earlier) has me focusing on designing some new lingerie look pieces in a delicate palette of ivory, off white and pale blush. I love working with these colors - full of femininity and romance with my favorite touches of vintage lace! I construct these like a collage of elements, artfully arranged! I don't seem to tire in this story!

    Also love to carry my boho Eco chic style into another favorite: denim and lace, pale chambray blues, petite florals, some stripes, mixing the patterns. O boy, lots of fun! I'm using up men's shirts, vintage lace, hand dyed fabrics, pre loved t shirts and more. My inspiration- early American pioneer days…
    Stay tuned for more unique pieces to be offered on line, and in the boutique!

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