Finding the Heart of it All/The Greens of Spring


    To repurpose is to "adapt for use in a different purpose".
    Here at Restored By Design, we value repurposing, creating eco chic sustainable fashion.

    As we plunder through a world of fast fashion, it becomes more and more apparent that the use and disposal of fast fashion is becoming one of the lead causes of environmental damages around the globe. Countries like the U.K. and Canada are already repurposing to preserve their environment. Designer and founder, Martha Jackson’s one wish is that Americans would participate more passionately in this new trend. She is dedicated to slow fashion to help combat damages caused by fast fashion. Using an array of different materials including donated items, cast-offs, factory excesses, vintage treasures, and bygone parts, she reinvents these things into beautifully refreshing looks. Martha will repurpose the blouse you wore on a blind date and never wore again, or those jeans you ripped at a dinner party, or maybe even a ten year old wedding dress collecting dust in your closet, she will incorporate them all into uniquely chic new pieces. She encourages you to preserve the best of the past and have pieces customized/upstyled, for your own special look. Every customer is welcome at Restored By Design.

    We are a one of a kind boutique for a one of a kind woman like you!

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