Finding the Heart of it All/The Greens of Spring

  • Embarking on the Holiday Season

    This is the time of year I make a more extensive list of things to do, events that are important to attend , gifts I want to give to special people in my life, how I want to decorate my home and celebrate, and finally, where I want to shop. Holiday advertisements are bombarding my senses, and I see lots of holiday enticements to get my attention! The designer in me delights in much of this!

    As a small business retailer, I'm one  shop I want you to put on your list as a must stop! I'm always emphasizing how important it is to make responsible investments in your local businesses. Do you want to support someone's passion (and livelihood) or a corporation? Local made in America, or made offshore? This matters and you have the power to make a difference...

    I'm busy preparing my shop with unique and special gifts. I'm honored to be able to showcase other artists work as well as my own- I'm amazed by how much talent surrounds us!

    I look at this as an important time to make those choices. Please mark me on your calendar, along with your to do list!

    I have an upcoming CELEBRATION OF CREATIVITY with a FESTIVE TRUNK SHOW on NOVEMBER 26 (Small Business Saturday), and DECEMBER 10 (Newport's Magical Holiday Stroll)

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