Finding the Heart of it All/The Greens of Spring

  • Following your Heart

    My husband said to me this morning - follow your heart!!! Words to live by!

    I love fashion and always have, I love to create - that is what is in my heart! Now that I am creating my own fashion designs, it often feels like a "field of flowers" to play in... My mind is full of ideas. There are so many things I love to make!!!!!

    It is always a matter of focussing in, choosing what fits in my brand, what's in my heart, offering something special and unique, and in the end, what are my customers going to want to wear? I look around my dream come true boutique wondering how close to focus, am I making too much of a selection? How plain and how embellished? Decisions and editing - part of a designer's everyday challenge!

    In the end it's a compromise, my love of materials that wins - the fabric and the pieces I am looking to repurpose - then the signature touches of lace, textures, patterns, color mixing. How far to go, what to make? my hope is not to confuse my customers, but rather to inspire them!

    When you come to visit my boutique, I believe it reflects the joy in creating. I define it as  eco chic boho style with a feminine twist. I'm thrilled to offer other artists into the mix who share this love and are following their hearts !

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