Finding the Heart of it All/The Greens of Spring

  • Making a Difference with New Opportunities

    Lately, I have been thinking about how I started and how far I have come...

    Four years ago, I plunged full time into my business after being laid off from my Design Director position (the company had a huge cut back). Prior to this, I had started building my business in my studio working my nights and weekends creating my unique pieces. I have fond memories of the creativity that was flowing! 

    Now I have just moved to a new location in Newport, continuing my dream come true. I just reopened my ETSY SHOP to reach a broader audience. I have a terrific them of interns that help me create!!! At the beginning of the year, I established my non-profit organization called The Restored by Design Foundation to give back and help other women heal though the transformative experience of creativity!! I feel I am poised and ready for the next page of my story!!! 

     Every day I open the door, my studio and my shop are open and hopeful for more customers. Meeting the demands of the changing retail climate is not an easy road, it is significantly the most challenging endeavor of my whole career! My success is not measured in my monetary sales but rather what I have accomplished. I am proud of my journey, things I have learned, and the evolution of my style and my work.  Each season, I embark on redefining my collections, listening to my clientele, clarifying my eco chic look, AND finding  the true meaning of my work! Now, more than ever, is the time for my steadfast dedication to responsible, ethical practices to help reduce fashion pollution. I think it's important to create opportunities for women in need - I believe we each need to do our part for a better future on this precious earth! Together, we can accomplish so much more!

    I hope I can be one of your favorite places to shop, on line, or in my boutique! From my heart, to yours, I am grateful for your business. Each person makes a difference, especially felt when you have a small business!

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