Finding the Heart of it All/The Greens of Spring / responsible fashion


    To repurpose is to "adapt for use in a different purpose".
    Here at Restored By Design, we value repurposing, creating eco chic sustainable fashion.

    As we plunder through a world of fast fashion, it becomes more and more apparent that the use and disposal of fast fashion is becoming one of the lead causes of environmental damages around the globe. Countries like the U.K. and Canada are already repurposing to preserve their environment. Designer and founder, Martha Jackson’s one wish is that Americans would participate more passionately in this new trend. She is dedicated to slow fashion to...

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  • Welcome to the NEW YEAR 2017

    First I want to thank all the wonderful people I have met throughout 2016, and the new customers who have been inspired, making it a rewarding transitional year.

    This is my 5th year in my most challenging journey I call my business! I made a bold decision to move my shop from Providence to Newport, re-opening July 2 in a location I proudly call home! I feel in good company amidst a unique variety of special boutiques and a culture rich community. 

    One of the important aspects of my business is the interface with creativity, producing one of a kind...

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  • Embarking on the Holiday Season

    This is the time of year I make a more extensive list of things to do, events that are important to attend , gifts I want to give to special people in my life, how I want to decorate my home and celebrate, and finally, where I want to shop. Holiday advertisements are bombarding my senses, and I see lots of holiday enticements to get my attention! The designer in me delights in much of this!

    As a small business retailer, I'm one  shop I want you to put on your list as a must stop! I'm always emphasizing how...

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