Finding the Heart of it All/The Greens of Spring / Transform into beauty

  • Inspiration Fuels the Journey

    Often when working on a collection, ideas are swirling in my mind and into my sketchbook. Some concepts are clear, and some are hazy... You wonder whether or not you are headed in the right direction...As I gather my materials, some of these ideas materialize in an exciting way!

    While I was out in the market in NYC, I saw some awe-inspiring pieces that reaffirmed my direction in my collection. It is amazing to see some of the incredible talent out there! It is always rewarding and exhilarating; giving me fresh energy to dig in!

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  • The Joy of Reaching a Goal

    As many of you know, I have been working hard towards a lifelong dream of owning my own shop! It has been my most challenging goal and journey to say the least!

    With the opening of my new location, it feels like I have pushed myself to accomplish this goal, and my heart sings! People come in, walk and look around in awe while taking in the scene. I get many compliments about how beautiful everything is, and "what a great store!" I marvel too, and can't wait to create more pieces and change the windows. I'm still getting things...

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  • Rewards of accomplishing a show

    The Spring /Summer 2015 Runway Presentation at StyleWeek Northeast Fashion Week was a phenomenal and rewarding experience. Hooray!
    A special thanks goes out to the very professional staff of StyleWeek for their help in making the show a success. To Jeremy Brown for the music, Holly Dalton and her staff for makeup, Lulu and Bethany Wood for hair, and the fantastic models from 'The Beauty Within' who made my fashion come alive and look more breathtaking than I imagined!
    Thank you!
    Thanks also to my sister Suzanne for her help hand sewing while we enjoyed a pristine lake...

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