• Reinventing & Evolving

    As a creative spirit, my quest is to balance my inner drive to create, with the interface with the  "outside world", listening and evolving my goals. And so, after much consideration, I have closed my brick and mortar boutique in Newport, to concentrate on building my studio and my brand. After all, this is the core of my business.

    I am a firm believer in the value of creativity in today's world, and the value of the "experience" of shopping - the inspiration, the visual excitement, the touch and feel, the lasting impression the experience leaves on your senses. This was my main motivator for having a shop. I am sad that I will no longer be sharing this "experience". I will remain very grateful to having met so many wonderful people, and for the many customers who commented about how they appreciated my sensibility, presentation, and the creative inspiration they felt. 

     I hope to somehow communicate my passion through my website, social media platforms, and fashion shows. 

    By downsizing my business to STUDIO ONLY, my goal is to better service my clientelle through custom design and the convenience of on line sales. From the luxury of your own home, you can reach me. I would like to encourage you to stay in touch!!!!!

    Thank you and stay inspired!!!!

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