My philosophy is to create unique one-of-a-kind, pieces using eco-friendly materials., rustic, romantic, and modern. Always challenging creative boundaries, I inject into each piece a new twist and a flavor of vintage. My love to create is reflected in my unusual use of colors, textures, patterns, materials, and feminine silhouettes. I love to create non-traditional combinations. My passion for fashion keeps me on the cutting edge of style awareness. My keen sensibilities are tuned to new silhouettes, new trends, and current lifestyle evolutions.

My fundamental philosophy for eco-consciousness guides my choices in raw materials and the "manufacturing" process. I carefully select each component from found bits and pieces, factory cast-offs, vintage fabrics, lace, charms, organic materials, natural stones, pearls, shell, resin, wood, and more - usually non-traditional "green" materials. 

My definition of eco fashion is the nurturing of the art of sewing, creating local ethical and responsible style! I do not support the world of fast fashion being produced off shore in slave-like conditions, but rather the SLOW FASHION REVOLUTION, investing in the makers and in the hand process. IT IS IMPORTANT TO MAKE A SHIFT IN OUR OWN LIVES, helping to build a more sustainable planet. 

All my pieces are handmade in the USA. Sustainable and eco-friendliness take precedence in my business practices. Reducing waste and saving energy are constant words filling the studio.

Repurpose, reinvent, reuse, revive, renew, refashion, reconstruct, reawaken ...RETHINK

Restored by Design is eco chic boho style, ethical, sustainable fashion  Style is reclaimed and reinvented design.


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8 Franklin Street
Newport, RI 02804