Things We Do... Create For You & Teach


I love to design, reinvent, refashion and "Upcycle", and I love to share!

My custom design design experience continues to grow from wedding pieces to special occasion dresses to accessories.

Many people shy away from having pieces made, thinking its not to their price range. however, I like to keep my handmade pieces reasonable, working inside your budget. 

I love to mix a little vintage romance with boho flavors in textures & pattern as shown in this blouse. 

Embellishing with floral accents is my favorite way to add those special accents, usually using up vintage lace and handmade flowers. 

Eco Chic Boho style... made for you... I encourage you to bring in your favorite piece from your wardrobe and have it reinvented.


or take classes and learn how to from a "master".