Welcome to the Restored by Design ecommerce site! This is merely a glimpse into my extraordinary DESIGN STUDIO created by my passion for creativity, and desire to share, nurture, grow, support, honor and acknowledge the value of creating by hand. I love collecting special materials, especially from the past (vintage), it's my way of paying homage to the beauty created in the past.

I want to connect somehow with other pioneers and adventurous spirits who desire to make a difference in this world, who seek their own individual expression in what they wear and  how it was made! 

Please visit my Etsy shop for a more extensive selection of my work; Pinterest for my inspirations, Instagram for my activities, and FaceBook for a gallery of the Restored by Design world!!!!

I want to encourage you to reach out to me for custom design work, taking a special piece from your closet and reinventing it for you, keeping it out of landfill, or designing a piece just for you!!!!